Origin: Toronto, Canada
Genres: AC/R&B / Funk. Soul
Label: Ford Street Records


The band charted #1 song on the Sweet Rhythms Chart Solar Radio,UK #1 on Hump Chart Montreal Canada, #8 Soul Music Chart UK. 

Canadian Beats Magazine, By Jenna Melanson on April 24, 2018 

Crack Of Dawn music although predominantly categorized in the Funk, Soul & RnB genres has 
deep roots in Reggae, Rock and other genres of Contemporary Music, including Smooth Jazz. 
Our writing style is as varied as our members, hailing from many Caribbean Islands, Canada & 
Europe. We normally present musical ideas, some close to completion and others with basic 
melodies to the group.The song is dissected with everyone in the group adding their idea, to create 
something unique, which gives us our distinct sound. When it comes to songwriting we’re a 
collective of all the members in the group with all songs being written and composed by Crack of 
Dawn. Read More...http://canadianbeats.ca/2018/04/24/premiere-crack-of-dawn-releases-video-for-crack-of-dawn/